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Relax and protect your eyes

Help your eyes relax & keep up
in a connected world

Life has evolved. Why not your lenses? Eyezent lenses are designed to reduce visual fatigue from digital screens and filter blue-violet light. Update your vision by asking your eyecare professional for Eyezen lenses.

Visual fatique reduction
Blue-violet light filtering
Improved contrast
Let your eye relaxs

Eyezen lenses are optimized single vision lenses that relax your eyes so you can keep up in a connected world.


of wearers were satisfied with Eyezen lenses

3 out of 4

wearers experienced less visual fatique

The ultimateprotection

These lenses, developed over 25 years, effortlessly adapt to changing light and offer style options in various colors, combining technology with convenience.

W.A.V.E 2 Technology
Eyezen focus technology
Blocks 100% UVA & UVB Rays
Filter Blue-violet Light

5 reasons to wear Eyezen®

Visual comfort in all daily activities
Reduces visual fatigue
Blue-violet light filtering
Clear vision in all light conditions
Transparency, anti-glare & UV protection

Eyezen® - Eye strain defense for all ages

Eyezen Kids lenses offer superior comfort & protection for children aged 6-12.

Optimized single-vision lenses relax and protect your eyes, from 12 years old and up.

For wearers 50+, Eyezen+ lenses provide slight accommodative relief, easing eye strain.