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Single Vision Lenses: Choose the Best for Your Eyes

What are single vision lenses? How many types are there and what functions does each type have? If you’re having these questions, this article wil help you explore everything you need to know about this lens.  

Single Vision Lenses

1. What are single vision lenses? 

Single vision lenses are a popular type of eyeglass lens used to correct vision in refractive errors, providing clear and realistic vision. Unlike bifocal and progressive lenses, single vision lenses are designed with only one function whether for farsightedness or nearsightedness. With adaptable and easy-to-use features, single vision lenses are suitable for everyone who has vision problems, especially the young.  

2. Advantages and disadvantages of single vision lenses 

2.1 Advantages 
  • Provide sharp and clear vision  
  • Easy to use and adapt 
  • Affordable price  
2.2 Disadvantages 
  • Designed for either nearsighted or farsighted vision, not both 
  • Inconvenient for old people who have to switch between different glasses  

3. Types of single vision lenses 

To cater a variety of needs and lifestyle, below are different types of single vision lenses from Essilor – the number one lens brand worldwide from France. Each type has unique functions that help you easily choose the type of lens that best suits your needs. 

3.1 Eyezen – for relaxed eyes 

Eyezen lenses are designed with the ability to support eye accommodation, reducing eye strain that often occurs when constantly using technology devices every day. 

Single Vision Lenses

Applying 3 innovative technologies, Eyezen lens provide comprehensive anti-fatigue capabilities: 

  • W.A.V.E Technology: reduces image distortion and provides clear vision even in low light conditions due to the calculation of changes in pupil size and the amount of light passing through 
  • BlueUV: prevents harmful light and increases transparency of lenses thanks to embryo absorption of harmful blue-violet light 
  • Eyezen Focus: adjusts and reduces eye pressure when viewing objects at near distance or reading small text, helping eyes relax in any conditions 

In addition, Eyezen lenses are optimally designed according to age, suitable for all individuals of different age groups to have a comfortable vision. 

3.2 Crizal Rock – transparency & durability 

With an active lifestyle and constant movement, eyeglass lenses are often exposed to environmental factors such as sand, dust, water, etc., which lead to scratches and a rapid reduction in lens life. Therefore, Crizal Rock lenses were born as a solid shield to help protect your lenses that always look new. 

Single Vision Lenses

Not only does it block harmful blue-violet light and UV rays, Crizal Rock lenses also help increase the ability to resist scratches more than 3 times and dust 2 times, bringing you comfort in all activities.  

3.3 Crizal Sapphire – absolutely transparency 

With the 360° Multi-Angular Technology, Crizal Sapphire lenses provide high transparency and minimize reflections on all sides of the eyeglass lens caused by light. This will be the perfect choice for individuals who are often exposed to various light sources or travel outdoors, desiring a sharp and clear vision that is fully protected from harmful UV rays. 

Single Vision Lenses

Up to now, Crizal Sapphire is the best anti-reflective lenses and is widely preferred all over the world.  

3.4 Transitions – fashionable color lenses 

As fashionable and effective in eye protection, Transitions is ultimately the perfect lenses that can meet 2-in-1 function. Depending on the lighting conditions, these lenses can automatically change either dark or light colors due to the advanced color changing technology which helps your visions always be clear and realistic. 

If you are a person who loves convenience and does not want to change back and forth between sunglasses and eyeglasses or regularly work outdoors, Transtitions lenses are an ideal choice. With a variety of lens colors, Transitions will be a supportive partner to assist you enhance your personal style. 

Single Vision Lenses
3.5 Transitions XTRActive – challenge bright light 

Transitions XTRActive lenses are the right choice for people who are sensitive to light or frequently exposed to bright light. Equipped with state-of-the-art tinting technology, these lenses not only provide the best eye protection from harmful UV rays but also change to the darkest color at high temperatures. Whether indoors or in the car, Transitions XTRActive lenses still automatically adjust color to bring a harmonious, comfortable feeling to your eyes. 

Single Vision Lenses
3.6 Transitions XTRActive Polarized – glare control  

Transitions XTRActive Polarized are the best and only photochromic polarized lenses ever with over 90% polarization efficiency. With flexible polarization and intelligent glare control, your eyes are protected in all lighting environments, providing sharper vision and more vivid colors. Thanks to this difference, Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses always help the eyes feel comfortable when outdoors or when light reflects directly into the eyes. 

Single Vision Lenses

Above is some information about single vision lenses. Choosing the right lenses is important as it helps your eyes not only be completely protected but also brings you the best comfort and experience when using them. To experience the best vision care and be able to choose the right lenses for you, visit Spectrum Eyecare for detailed advice from our professional ophthalmologists! 

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