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Exploring Multifocal Glasses

Do you find it difficult to read small print and focus on near objects at the age of 40? This might be the time when you need multifocal glasses. So, what exactly are multifocal glasses? What types are available in the market and what are their effects? Let’s delve deeper into these questions in the following article. 


1. What are multifocal glasses? 

Multifocal glasses are eyeglasses commonly used by individuals aged 40 and above to correct both distance vision and presbyopia. Unlike single-vision glasses that serve a fixed focal length (either for distance or near vision), multifocal glasses provide three viewing zones with different prescriptions within the same lens, allowing users to see clearly at various distances. Specifically, the upper part of the lens is for distance vision, the middle portion is for intermediate vision, and the lower part is for near vision. Additionally, multifocal glasses do not have a visible line separating the distance and near zones like bifocal glasses, making them aesthetically more appealing. Therefore, multifocal glasses are considered a perfect 2-in-1 solution, providing clear vision for both distance and near, addressing the needs of both farsightedness and presbyopia. 

2.Pros and Cons of Multifocal Glasses 

2.1 Pros of Multifocal Glasses 
  • High aesthetic appeal with no visible line separating the lens zones. 
  • Smooth transition between viewing zones at various distances. 
  • Clear vision in all viewing zones. 
  • Comfortable and convenient for daily activities and the wearer’s needs. 
2.2 Cons of of Multifocal Glasses 
  • Higher price compared to other types of lenses. 
  • Requires an adaptation period for first-time users of multifocal glasses. 
  • Easily experience some blurring in low temperature conditions. 

3. Types of Multifocal Glasses 

In the current market, the most trusted and popular types of multifocal glasses come from Essilor, the world’s No.1 lens manufacturer. Thanks to continuous research and development of advanced technologies, Essilor consistently delivers exceptional products that improve visual clarity and provide optimal solutions for users. Below are Essilor’s multifocal glasses in the mid-range and high-end segments that you can refer to. 

  • The Mid-range Segment 
3.1 Essentials Home & Work – Near Vision Needs 

The Essentials Home & Work lenses are specifically designed to optimize near and intermediate vision for individuals working in office settings. These lenses also offer comprehensive eye protection for prolonged exposure to technological devices. They are recommended by leading global optometrists as multifocal glasses for office workers with presbyopia. 

3.2 Essentials Everyday – Near to Distance Vision Needs 

Essentials Everyday lenses are suitable for all daily activities, providing clear vision at all distances, from near to far. With an over 30% wider field of view compared to standard multifocal lenses, Essentials Everyday eliminates boundaries and offers a comfortable viewing experience, whether indoors or outdoors. Concentrate easily, and accomplish more tasks with Essentials Everyday lenses! 

3.3 Essentials Active – Needs for Active Lifestyles 

The Essentials Active line is an optimized solution for those with active lifestyles. With a 50% wider field of view compared to other standard multifocal lenses, Essentials Active is the perfect choice for providing comfort and convenience to individuals who lead dynamic lives, constantly moving and requiring continuous changes in their visual focus. These lenses will be a reliable companion, ensuring sharper vision at any distance. 

  • The High-end Segment 
3.4 Varilux Liberty – Comprehensive Balanced Vision 

Varilux Liberty is a lens optimized for wearers with the Path Optimizer technology, providing precise vision from near to far. Particularly, each part of the visual field is tailored to the wearer’s gaze angle. This lens is suitable for all daily activities and is designed for those who desire a wider field of vision without being hindered by interference. 

3.5 Varilux Comfort – All-Day Comfort  

Varilux Comfort is a multifocal lens designed specifically for first-time users of multifocal glasses. With the Flex Optim technology supported in the lens, your vision will have maximum range of gazes, providing a wider field of view that reduces the need for postural adjustments and enhances work productivity. 

3.6 Varilux Physio – Clear Vision for an Active Lifestyle 

Varilux Physio is the optimal choice for individuals who engage in regular physical activities and sports. With the W.A.V.E 2.0 technology, which eliminates image distortions caused by the curvature of the lens, you can enjoy clear vision in both indoor and outdoor settings, regardless of lighting conditions. Varilux Physio multifocal lenses also provide seamless and smooth transitions when changing focus, ensuring comfortable vision for your eyes. 

3.7 Varilux X Series – Capturing Every Detail 

Would you like to experience vision like when you were young? Then Varilux X Series lenses are the perfect choice for you. Allowing wearers to capture every detail within arm’s reach, the Varilux X Series provides instant sharpness in every moment. With the Xtend technology, your vision remains clear in the near and intermediate zones at the reach of an arm’s length without the need to move your head. Additionally, these lenses offer outstanding wide vision with clear visual acuity at any position. 


Depending on their needs and usage purposes, individuals decide which type of multifocal lenses is suitable for them. The appropriate choice will bring comfort and the best experience for your eyes, enabling you to enjoy a more fulfilling life. To ensure your eyes receive the best care and find the optimal lenses tailored specifically for you, visit Spectrum Eyecare for detailed consultations from their expert optometrists.   

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