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Spectrum Eyecare Accompanies the Hoa Sen 3×3 Basketball Tournament 2024

On April 20 and 21, Hoa Sen 3×3 Basketball Tournament 2024 – a tournament organized by Hoa Sen University Basketball Club, will take place at Sun Life Sports Space in District 2, HCMC with the sponsor of Spectrum Eyecare and participation of Team Spectrum.  

Female players of Team Spectrum participate in Hoa Sen 3x3 Basketball Tournament 2024
Female players of Team Spectrum participate in the Hoa Sen 3×3 Basketball Tournament 2024

In accompanying this year’s Hoa Sen Basketball Tournament, Spectrum Eyecare is honored to be the Gold Sponsor and hopes to bring more opportunities for young people expressing their passion for sports and accessing premium eyewear. 

Hoa Sen 3×3 Basketball Tournament is a vibrant playground organized for young people aged 16 to 28 living in Ho Chi Minh City to engage, learn and challenge themselves in the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie while simultaneously enhancing their connections with whom have a shared love for basketball. This year’s tournament brought together a total of 12 male teams and 10 female teams to compete, promising dramatic and dynamic matches. 

Towards the goal of promoting good value of sports to the community and empowering female athletes to unleash their potential and fulfill their dream, Spectrum proudly introduces Team Spectrum, one of talent female basketball teams will take part in the Hoa Sen Basketball Tournament, poised to demonstrate their prowess and determination in the forthcoming matches. Spectrum will provide the girls with unparalleled support to be able to develop and confidently perform on the court, achieving many victories.   

On April 20, Team Spectrum will play their first match of the Hoa Sen 3×3 Basketball Tournament 2024. Stay tuned and updated on the latest news about Team Spectrum in this tournament and eyewear models with Spectrum Eyecare! 

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